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Friday, 24 August 2012

The "Just Married - Please Excuse" Contest

In the year 2001 we were impoverished newlyweds. We had just squandered whatever little wealth we had amassed as singles on our wedding and honey moon and in our attempt at lavishing away the little that still remained in our banks, we were holidaying in Mumbai.
Riding high on romance, we decided to travel the length and breadth of the city by local trains. My newly acquired husband was a little wary but I overthrew his doubts with my enthusiasm.
My travel apparel drew a hesitant murmured protest from Mr Tactful as my white T-shirt and blue jeans clashed violently with my glittering chuda, excessive sindoor and bright red lipstick, but I breezed past him.
The crowd in the train allowed us to stand at a decorous distance when we boarded. In a few stations time we were romantically close and then we were claustrophobically wedged. I was on the verge of breathing my last when a considerate co-passenger announced that we were near our destination and we began inching our way towards the door.
As I moved, I was thrown forward by a sudden jerk.  As fellow passengers steadied me, I was horrified to see my lips imprinted in stark red on a sparkling white shirt. Time stood still and luckily the train stopped as well.
Sandwiched between the glares of the new legal claimant of my kiss and its latest inadvertent recipient – I sheepishly stumbled out onto the platform. A steady stream of our hurried apologies followed the receding train and we then burst into laughter. 
 Wordlessly -I retired my bridal facade that day in deference to the uncomfortable questions my victim may have had to endure.
Cold coffee with ice cream
This can also be called the life saver shake. When I was the shy young bride who managed to successfully burn dinner beyond recognition – this drink would double up as dinner and save the day.
1.     Pour a glass of chilled water and a glass of chilled milk into the blender jar of the mixie.
2.     Add 2 teaspoons full of coffee powder and 2 tablespoons of sugar to it.
3.     Blend well. If you don’t have a mixie just go for the blending with your bare hands. It works just as well.
4.     Taste once and add more coffee or sugar as required. Blend again.
5.     Take 2 tall glasses and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to each.
6.     Pour the blended cold coffee to the glasses.
7.     Serve with a stirrer or spoon


  1. Was an hilarious read ! Made my sad day happy ! Thank you !

  2. Oh Im so sorry to know you were having a sad day and I am so happy that my post made it happy. Welcome to my blog. Thank you for joining in. Look forward to lots and lots of shared laughs!

  3. Thanks for the entry Varsha :) and the kind lunch invite... :)

  4. Just too much fun to read this one :)

  5. Hi Varsha, came here from yashodhara's blog n got All of ur posts n jus loved thm...being mom to a 3 yr old,jugglng kitchen work(cook on a month long leave)and school drop n pick Ups ain't easy fr a lazy bone like me. Add to tht,cooking of three meals a day...phew! Ur recipes are wonderful n very doable...plz dn't stop posting!

  6. Hi Anonymous!
    Youve really made my day with your sweet comment. Welcome to my blog and its great to have you here. Its so nice to meet you. I always knew there had to be some more people out there who are just as laid back as me and blogging has allowed me to finally find them. Yes I know how hectic a schedule like yours can get. I have a five year old so thats almost as bad. In fact I have had a tough time with my kitchen at certain junctures of my life as well and thats how I came across these recipes. It is really great to know that you liked my posts and I assure you that with fantastic feedback like yours I will certainly continue posting.

    1. Hw sweet of you to reply...i came here jus to chk if U hav replied or nt....nw U hav made my day! U rock lady....keep rockng keep posting....

    2. It is a pleasure to have ur comments on my blog and even more fun to have a new friend. Join me on my blog or join me on Twitter @shortcutmaster. C ya!

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