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Thursday, 19 April 2012

7 pm at night is this crazy time for me. We're just back from the park, dinner has to be on the table in 20 minutes, we ( at least me and the baby) have to eat,I have to get her to brush her teeth , take a shower and get into bed by 8:30 PM.. Thats the lights out time for my kid. So it's a race against time with a dwadling baby in tow.
So surprise surprise when in the midst of this whirlwind of activity pat comes the question - "Mamma how did you make what you gave me for tiffin today?"

 She was actually asking for my cheese slice and egg dhamaka recipe! I stopped in my tracks. Did we have a prodigy here - a masterchef in the making?

"Why do you want to know?" I asked.
" My friend Krishna shared my tiffin todday and she loved it. She wants to tell her Mom the recipe so that she can bring it too"
Wow that was a compliment. A recipe enquiry and from none other than the biggest critic - a five year old! Was I thrilled? Thrilled enough to stall everything and waltz around the hall with her .Yes!

So that was all the encouragement I needed. Today on the tiffin menu was cheese paratha.

I always buy the big tins of processed cheese. They make much more sense and minimize the mess and the wastage. I know a lot of people who have a big problem with handling the cheese and getting it out of the tin.
My way is - to cut away the top and the bottom of the tin with the tin cutter, Push in a knife at the edge between the cheese and the tin and turn the kinfe around the tin once to loosen the cheese from the tin. Then I just push from one end and the cheese cylinder pops out at the other end. Then I just pick up the whole cheese cylinder and grate it on the grater and store the grated cheese in an air tight box. So there's this cheese that's always handy to add taste and health to any dish.

Cheese paratha - a fabulous snack -
  1. I like to take a large piece of dough to make the paratha (about double the size of what i would take for a roti.
  2.  I roll it out with the rolling pin to the size of roti ( a very thick roti)
  3. Then place some grated cheese in the centre of the roti and bring the edges of the roti together and close it up - like a pouch.
  4.  Flatten the top of the pouch and dunk it in dry flour and roll the rolling pin on it to flatten it out. So its back to looking like a paratha.
  5. Turn it over and roll on the other side to flatten it some more.
  6. Now place it on the tawa with the flame at high.
  7.  Turn it over lower the flame and spread some oil on it with a spoon.
  8. Turn it over again and fry this oiled side.
  9. Oil the other side as well and fry it.
             Thats it!

The trick is to keep the paratha small (in diameter). It should be in the stomach in about six bites. Also spreading less will ensure that there are no breaks in the dough through which the cheese comes out.

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