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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Scheming Wives and Deadly Egg Scrambles

The moon I’m certain would be meekly handed over to me by my husband if I were to ask.
Of course there would be some scheming involved - like there was some eleven years ago.
One August day my husband was embarking alone on a fun trip to Kolkata. A blushing bride then, all I diffidently asked my departing husband to bring back with him from there was -the Joy Nagar’er Moa.
This Moa is an exquisite sweet. Made of date jaggery and puffed rice, its existence is a closely guarded secret that only true blue Bengalis know of.  
Classically Fauji, my husband of course is not privy to such secrets. He was delighted at my innocent request. Secretly congratulating himself on finding a bride with such meagre demands he flew away, happy enough to comply.
The suitcase was large and the sweet shops were within easy reach. So the holidaying man decided to pursue the promised gift only on the last day of his weeklong trip.
On the morning of that day, he strode into the nearest shop and nonchalantly asked for the Moa. They politely said it wasn’t ready yet. He missed their amused tones and twinkling eyes as they replied and assumed that the sweet would be prepared a little later in the day.
He made several trips to the neighbouring shops that day, but every time was met with the same answer.
As his train’s departure began looming large, the vision of an innocent young bride waiting hungrily at the other end of the journey began to plague him. The Moa however was nowhere in sight.     
 His brewing tantrum spewed. What was taking them so long he demanded?
The reply was politely Kolkatan. “I sympathise with your desire to please your new wife Moshai,” said the shopkeeper.”Date jaggery unfortunately is not that considerate. It still insists on arriving only in winter. The Moas will be ready only in December”
Going back from his weeklong gastronomic orgy of a holiday empty handed was unthinkable. Desperate measures were called for. The space in the suitcase for the large box of Moa was taken up by a tiny box with a gift that was not subject to climatic disposition.
I loved the little box and its exquisite diamond ring.
Egg and Sausage Scramble
The worst thing about going on vacation, is knowing that one day the good time is definitely going to end.
 Coming back and unlocking the door, opening the windows to let out the musty smell and plonking down on the dusty sofa are visions that plague me on the flight back. Club that with an empty stomach and it makes for a sure shot nightmare.
Then eggs jump in to brighten the scene. I always leave eggs in the fridge and some frozen delights in the freezer before I leave.
1.    Crack and beat as many eggs as you think will be enough. With the voracious egg eaters in my family I never take less than eight.
2.    Add a pinch of salt to the egg. Not too much. You’re going to add more salt to the other ingredients later.
3.     Chop up a few sausages into small pieces. About half of what could be considered bite sized.
4.    Heat oil in a non stick frying pan.
5.    On a regular day when the kitchen is well stocked, fry a chopped onion and a chopped tomato in the oil. In emergencies skip this step.
6.    Add the chopped sausages to the oil and sauté until they are cooked. They swell once they are done.
7.    Sprinkle some salt if you’ve added onions and tomatoes, if not don’t because sausages are salty anyway.
8.    Now add the beaten egg to the pan. Beat while adding otherwise the salt tends to sit in one place.
9.    Once the egg is in - scramble it around in the pan with a spatula for a minute or two. Don’t overdo it – allow the eggs to be fluffy.
10.                     Take the scramble off the fire, toast a few slices of bread (if available) layer the eggs on the toast and take a bite.
A sure shot remedy for the blues!


  1. That was an intriguing request by the blushing bride in rather inclement weather. Wonder if it was a trial -a pariksha of sorts!

    And hey, I can do that one. A perennially starving hosteler, that was my favourite dish.

    1. Yes I would say it was a pariksha. Husbands must always be kept on their toes I firmly believe. And yes this receipe is for the starved. It is quick enough to revive you before you reach for home delivery

  2. Hah! I wonder if that will work on my husband! brilliantly written.

    1. Meenakshi I'm telling you - it is definitely worth trying. You never know what may work and you should leave no stone unturned in your quest for diamonds. Thank you for the compliment. Im glad you liked it.

  3. wish I could have thought of something like this then my innocence too would have been rewarded with a diamond gift --but alas !!

    lovely write up and thanks for the recipe

    1. Yes Rajni scheming and plotting is an art that must be practised to perfection:) It is never too late to begin though. Thanks for the compliment and Im glad you liked the recipe. It is indeed a life saver

  4. You are wicked and lucky..! :)
    Thanks for the recipe~

    1. Ghazala Im afraid you are right. I have to admit Im wicked. And Im fortunate to be lucky as well. Glad you liked the recipe

  5. Love your posts! Brighten up the day!! Thank you so much for the tasty humour!!

    1. That is a fabulous compliment. I feel thrilled thinking I brightened up your day. Youve really made my day.I feel so encouraged. I like that tasty humor bit. What is food without fun anyway - dont you think?

  6. Hi Varsha...
    i am "the anonymous" who first commented in jus married plz excuse post...nw on,i'll use my
    well, as usual,lovely post,lovely recipe as well...nw a small trick up my sleeve abt the 8th step...if u r making the egg batter fr any purpose, to the bowl,add a tiny bit of water, to it,add the required salt n pepper/ red chilly pwd n swirl it a bit...nw brk the eggs...the salt n pepper will not form lumps n will mix easily. Pat pat on the back... :-D

    1. Hi Mini! Good to hear from you again. So happy you liked the post and what a marvellous tip! You know I used to get into trouble with the salt forming lumps all the time. In fact long before I got married my mom had banned me from making omlettes because of this. The solution i came up with was - to mix like crazy while pouring and then pray. This however seems like a much better option. Im going to try it the next time. A pat from me for you too.

    2. :-)<3 - Mini

  7. Nice blog. Loved the quirkiness in the captions of each post. Keep cooking!!

    1. Thanks Niranjan!Im so happy you liked my blog. Welcome! Its fun to be quirky isnt it? I love being quirky and Im happy to know you like it too.

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