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Friday, 13 July 2012

The link between Real estate and Tuna

Last Sunday we were just three days away from our wedding anniversary.
Gifts have been rather one sided in the past eleven years and I have been at the receiving end. So this eleventh year I decided to push the envelope. A small push - with ideating rather than funding at its core.
The buy would smoothen our furrowed brows, reassuringly wipe away our friend’s concerned looks and purge us of the disgusted disapproval of acquaintances. It would kick-start our heretofore nonexistent foray into real estate and glean the envy of the diamond and platinum buyers.
Sunday was the chosen day and we set off with the firm resolve to sign the papers and follow it up by well deserved fine dining.
There is a reason however why certain people don’t own houses and we were destined to learn that that day.
With the agent giving us directions on the phone we were driving down a road when we passed the beautiful Pandav Garha waterfall. Picnickers were embarking on their journey up the waterfall and we began looking at them longingly. The agent no longer had our attention and we involuntarily stopped the car. In a trance we followed the picnickers down the path and up the mountain.
It was the most fun we had since we migrated to this metropolitan mela. High end shoes and sandals were soaking wet, clothes that had looked chic a few hours ago looked tattered at the end of the climb but hearts were soaring high.
Of course the flat didn’t get bought and the fine dine restaurants were closed for lunch by the time we made it back.
In our exhilaration at the miracle of nature that we had just witnessed however– we were happy with Tinned Tuna on Toast.
Tuna on Toast
I am not sure this should be called a recipe but it definitely is a winning dish in the hands of the hungry and the exhausted
1.     Open a tin of Tuna (with the good sense of a weight conscious doctor pushed into the darkest recesses of my mind - I always pick up tuna in oil rather than in brine)
2.     Overturn the contents of the tin into a large bowl
3.     Generously add 4 or 5 tablespoons of mayonnaise.( It is best to indulge in something like mountain climbing like I did before this so that you can justify your indulgence.)
4.     Mix the mayonnaise and the Tuna.
5.     Pop slices of bread into the toaster and wait for them to become brown and crisp
6.     Layer the Tuna mixture on the toast and pamper your taste buds.


  1. That is a unique piece on 'Tuna on Toast'. While I may not even start thinking of biting off a tuna, I quite liked your post.

  2. Thank you! I'm thinking up a veggie twist!

  3. Hi. You remember the last year Eid party at my house. Together we managed the large gathering. Will miss you this year. Good work , you write so well.

    1. Thanks. yes that is a party both of us are unlikely to forget. I must write about it one day. When is Eid? Ill miss the party too.

  4. I am heading for the IN-OUT shop straightway to grab a tin of Tuna.
    My mouth started watering from the moment I finished reading. It is so simple – example of instant extra-ordinary meal.
    AKD, Dorchester

    1. Yes! Tuna tins are must haves for busy people. It is so reassuring to walk into the kitchen and see one on a day when the stomach is growling and and the body and brain are no longer funtioning in sync.

  5. Well, belated wishes on your eleventh wedding anniersary Varsha :)
    You made a good picnic out of your sunday.